Thursday, September 7, 2017

EXO with their POWER!

This is a whole new level!

Of course, EXO never failed to impress me with their MV. I just... have soooo many theory and questions. Too many! Why EXO, why?

So, I thought it will be great to share it with you all.

Did you see it? It's so fun and catchy with an unexpected ending. After a while, I have this question "Where's Baekhyun? Why he is not in the mv? What's wrong" While my brain working hard to digest everything, (poor heart. Almost can't take it -_-) there he is! with a cute white kitty. I have come up with so much theory but I know the best way to digest everything is to watch the theory from my favorite Youtuber - Downwithlove Exo. You should hit subscribe button. It totally worth it. :)

With that being said, let's enjoy the screenshot of my favorite scene from the mv. Enjoy!