Shopping on Lazada, I’m going crazy!

Haha, lately I’m not acting like myself. My mood can be very sensitive and it’s unpredictable. I rarely cry at night when I want to sleep but now it’s almost every day. Why you ask? Hmm… it’s a SECRET! Haha… no, seriously, my mood feels a bit different than usual. Don’t ask why.


Hhahahahahaha… okay, it’s enough.

Actually, that’s not the point. It’s like an introduction. I want to share my first experience shopping on Lazada. (Yes… yes… I am way behind from all of you. I always like that.) Don’t judge… Haha… Just kidding. Please judge if you want to. Actually, I don’t care…

Until I write this post, I already placed an order on Lazada 2 times. First on 3rd December 2016 and second on 30th December 2016.

Let me share how it’s work (based on my experience).

3 December 2016

I ordered 2 items from different seller.

1 – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts I & II: The Official Script Book of the Original West End Production

Price: RM75.60 (free postage) – Note: Now I see it again, the latest price is RM107.91! (as on 17 January 2017) Lucky me… haha…

Standard shipment: Get by 6-8 December. (I got the book on 7 December)

2 – Metal Rotary USB flash drive 2TB plate USB flash pen drive stick USB 2.0 Disk free shipping.

Price: RM53.90 (free postage)

Standard shipment: Get by 12-19 December.

It costs me RM129.50. For me, it’s a BIG amount to start shopping online for the first time. Yes! I take that risk! :p

I got a surprise! You know, my birthday is on 7th December and maybe it’s my lucky day, I got my Harry Potter book on my birthday! Well, I can pretend that it’s my birthday gift to myself. Haha… Happy birthday to ME! Lol..

WAIT! It looks like a happy ending, right? Actually, let me tell you the truth. It’s fine and perfect for my Harry Potter book. It’s great! But, the one I want to complain is the other item I bought, 2tb USB flash drive.

It’s claimed to be 2TB when actually it’s not. I am missing my document when I transferred it. I lost my precious document forever! I will never get it back. Huh… (Oh, and also, I look up at the store again and guess what I got? Here :

Okay… there… there… let’s not ruining our mood. It’ not that I complain Lazada is not good. Lazada is perfect! Just maybe it’s one of my ‘not-so-lucky’ days. It teaches me to be careful when I purchase something. Not everyone is honest with you.

My second purchase is on 30 December 2016.

I bought:

1 – Toshiba Canvio Ready  1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Disk (Black) – with 3 years local manufacturer warranty.

Price: RM237

Standard Shipment: Get by 4 – 7 January 2017.

2 – [Import] Original Samsung Micro USB Data Sync & Charge Cable for Galaxy S4 (Black)

Price: RM19.90 (Shipping fee: RM5)

Standard shipment: Get by 3 – 6 January 2017

3 – 2.5 Inch Universal Hard Drive Disk USB Cable Carry Case Cover Bag Pouch with Flower Pattern for PC Tablet Black

Price: RM22.80

Okay, my second purchase is totally successful. It’s satisfying. I got the right items that functioning really well.

Let me tell you the 2 trick to buy anything online. (You can apply it on any shopping website in the world, trust me friends ;)

First: Look at the review.

Well, maybe review can be fake sometimes but if it’s more than 10 reviews? Let’s have a little faith to the seller.

Second: Is the price worth the item you buy?

Okay, this is their trick on you. Of course we, the buyer want to buy the cheaper one. Who wants to miss some discount right? But, please think about it again. 1TB USB Flash Drive that the average price is about RM200++ and suddenly being sold just RM50++? Think twice before you decide to buy it. It’s too cheap and most likely to be a fake one. (I admit I too dumb ‘clever’ to realize that matter)

Okay, let’s moving on. That is the past. Let’s not remember it again T_T

At least, I learned a lot about buying something online. What about your experience? Tell me about it. I would love to hear your story. ;)


Living a new life...

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been MIA for a long time. Yes, I realise that. I’m sorry my blog. Haha.

So, where have I’ve been all this time? Of course, I am working. Yes, I’ve got myself a job. Site Admin Assistant for construction (Water Treatment Project). It’s weird, right? How come someone majored in Textile design end up being in the construction field. It’s not like it’s related to each other.
But, you know. I actually enjoy doing this kind of work. I can learn so many new things and even something that I’ve never heard before.

And… yes… I’ve got new friends and that makes me happy. Even though I am not the type of person that showing my gratefulness and also I am a very quiet person. Maybe I look like I hate someone or in a bad mood, but actually, that’s because I don’t know how to talk to people first. That’s my problem. Is there anyone can give me an advice?

If any of my friends (from SEB) that know me, please, please and please do talk with me. I actually want to talk to someone. Just don’t know how to start the conversation.

Okay… that’s all for quick update. I will update again tonight. See you later!


It's Korean food!

Hello, my friends!

So, this afternoon I’ve browsing through my pictures on my laptop and I found some forgotten-to-upload photos! Why I forgot this? Oh, I don’t know. So, I will upload this anyway because I just want to share it. Plus, I just lazy doing things nowadays and there’s not much activity to update. See? I am THAT lazy~


 What? I just do it… LOL

So, on May 2016, I am going to a job carnival at Bandar Penawar, Johor. Wait! I’m not going to share about what I am doing there but just a new experience I got by buying 2 types of Korean food. Yes, people always knew that Kina is a Korean lover. I just love all about Korea. (I guess… -_-)

I’ve bought Meatballs and the famous Korean food – Tteokbokki! Honestly, this is my first time to taste this Korean food and the result is kind of different from what I thought. Yeah, suddenly I remembered something, I am Malaysian! Haha… That’s out of topic. (I love Nasi Lemak though)


At first, I have tasted Meatballs and its okay. It tasted like what meatball will taste like. (Is my sentence even right?) But, one thing I love for sure is the mashed potato! The combination of soft mashed potato and black pepper sauce is great!


Second, it’s Tteokbokki time! Yes, finally I will eat this famous Korean dish! Haha, yeah… Sometimes I can be a little bit look like fans. I am fan…. and a lamp! (if you get what I mean ;)

Well, it’s surprisingly…. Tasted like fried rice but with a sauce. That’s what I think it tasted like. Really. Maybe it’s just me or the place that I bought it not cooked it the way it should taste. I don’t know. I will taste it next time I go to any Korean restaurant. Yeah, let’s do that.

(open it) ...

 (eat it).... hahaha... ;)


Practising my Intuitive Reading.


Okay. So, here’s my result of 4 intuitive reading (click here for the previous post if you wonder what actually I up to. ^_^). I think I’m getting there but need more practice. Haha. No, I’m not. Just kidding~ I’m totally a beginner!

What am I doing?

Firstly, I found this practice on AnnaSayce website and found it fun to learn. So, I just go with it. Here’s the link. She provided the picture and we need to try to read this picture. What we’ve got? Name? Feeling? What you’ve saw? Some tragic event? Madness?

Believe me, it’s hard. Oh, I forgot to tell you. You need to into your Alpha state before doing this. I don’t know… Just calming yourself I guess. As for me, Binaural Beats help me a lot. Maybe this article can help you > The Alpha State – Why Is It Essential to Psychic Development?

With that being said, here it is some of my practice ^_^ (Unfortunately, I don’t do any note about the very first one. So, I can’t tell you how it’s like. But, sure I have a feeling about what happen. I remember thinking about murder, eerie feeling, artistic and tragic death. I got it right. Uhm, just take a look at the picture below…)

The second one :

Before you read about the details about this person, I want to show you what I’ve got when doing my reading (yay! This time I make a note… :p)

This is what I wrote down :

Artistic (Maybe a painter?)
Sad but some reasons there’s happiness
Not a regular worker (white collar)
Not very clean (pardon my English but I just wrote what I feel that time, so, excuse me…)
Childhood – difficult

That’s all what I’ve got and some things just pop up in my mind, it just came naturally. Guess what? I feel excited when I knew some of my reading is true. Here're the details > Who Was the Man in the Photo? – Results of Intuitive Experiment #2.

I got it right when I said he’s having a difficult childhood. Look at the ‘Sorrow in his Past’. Yes, he’s married to a French woman named Isabelle. I just picked up wedding thing. It’s the common one. Haha. Alright, if I discuss this any longer, the post will be very LONG, let’s move to the third one. (You can compare what I’ve got and what Anna said on her blog. Feel free to compare that if you want. ;)

Third one :

This is what I wrote down :

Positive Vibe
Fine man
Nice (but I don’t like him for some reason)
Past – Scary
Higher position (appear on TV?)

Here’s what Anna said about this man. > Results of Intuitive Experiment #3. You see? Can you compare what I’ve got just by looking at the picture only without any knowledge about him at all? It’s more like hit or miss. By the way, I still like the fact that I got it right at some point. Still, I need to figure it out how to be more specific. Here’s the interesting fact, the last 2 things I guess most likely appear like a projection in my mind. I saw a village. It’s beautiful. Politic? It's just coming out of nowhere. Sometimes, it just happened. Is it weird? Haha.

Fourth one :

I think it’s not so much like the third one. I am doing this after busy cooking. Lol. What I am doing right now?. Pssttt…. But, this one I ‘kind of’ can guess the name. I think it’s the improvement. Yeah, it’s the slight miss but it close enough so I call it the success. ;)

This is what I wrote down :

I am afraid! (scary but not eerie)
Playful and have some trouble
Lisa? Anne?
Die young

You see? I think I am in the middle of the alpha state and the conscious one. It’s more miss than hit. What a pity! I need to learn more! Haha… My heart is screaming. So, here’s the detail about this girl. > Results of Intuitive Experiment #4.

Afraid. – This is more like she’s frightened me. Yes, she’s mad and that’s frightened me. Sporty? Nah! It’s a miss! The third one is interesting. It’s a feeling telling me she has something related with a factory. I saw that in my mind, a factory. Playful? I don’t know this but she does have a trouble. See how I guess the name? Not one but two. These two names appear in my head at the same time and I was like, “Lisa? Anne?” – talking with the picture. Weird feeling. Somehow I got it right because she was known as Anna Anderson. So, not far, right?. Unfortunately, all the school and sports thing most likely the miss one. I feel sad all of sudden.

So… what do you think about my practice? Please tell me if you already doing this too. I am happy to hear a word from you. Thank you!


How to get beauty product for free?


I believe everyone wants to appear beautiful anytime and anywhere they go. It’s the same for me. I love makeup and that makes I have a confident to interact with people. (Yes, there’s a people like me. Don’t judge ㅠ_ㅠ)

But, sometimes, buying a good beauty product can cost us a fortune! It always makes my wallet cry every time I go to buy something. Sometimes, it’s too expensive and I was like “I want this, oh this is good too! What should I do?” and that’s the beginning of the story where I overspend my money. Yup, when thinking about that moment, I still want to cry. XD

However, now I have a solution! This is the good one too! Let’s hear it, my friend out there, this is maybe the best site I’ve ever known. I introduced you to Favful! Where’s my heart goes thump thump~

On this site, you can compare the price from various website. It’s so time-saving as you didn’t have to go back and forth browsing the different website to see where’s cheaper than the other. It’s all in one place! So easy!

As an example, here’s a print screen of my favourite brands of makeup, Etude House. As you can see, there’s a price comparison on the right side. When you satisfy with the price, just click Buy~

You also can read a review before you buy anything. It’s better than just buy it without knowing what you buy, right?

What else? Oh, yeah… I forgot, it’s actually about ‘How to get beauty product for free’. I am so into the detail about Favful because it so excites me! I’m sorry~

So, here’s the main question. “How to get beauty product for free?” At Favful, they have ‘Favful Influencers Program’. This program recognised you for your active contributions that make the SEA beauty community stronger, better, smarter. When you join the community, by join I mean sign up, you will earn 20pts as a start.

Then? You can earn more points when you favourite, scan, add, sharing, review, purchase a product, etc. You have a lot of time doing this and I believe you will love it. Just review what product you currently use and TADAA! You got points! Easy right? The Favful reward you with incredible benefits - from free beauty samples, discount vouchers, exclusive invites to major beauty events and even chance to be featured in the beauty community based on Levels.

After your points are enough to redeem the products you want, you can redeem them right away! Say ‘YAY’! Haha… I have a very good mood today.

So, what do you waiting for? Let’s join the community and earn 20pts! Just click the button below! So easy…


Intuitive Reading – is it helping or disturbing?


As I mentioned in my blog post title, do you have any idea about what is actually ‘Intuitive Reading’?

Wait… first of all, let’s see how I encounter this thing while streaming youtube channel.

In case you don’t know, I am a fan of the psychic world. Whether it’s fiction story, movies or even for what they claim to be the truth (I have novel titled Detektif Indigo wrote by Faisal Tehrani, Malaysian author. I love it and enjoy it a lot.) I loved to watch all of that. Don’t get me wrong. It’s never related to any black magic. NEVER. SERIOUSLY. In fact, I have seriously hated everything related to ghost and spooky feeling. It got worst anytime I watch ghost story. Haha, yeah. It’s funny. I’m not a brave person.

So, when I am in the middle of my curious feeling watching some related videos about the ‘Psychic Twins’, I become aware of the repetitive routine or habit that the twins develop. They always have some paper and pen and do something like circling?. That’s what I call. So, I make a research and found out that it’s called ‘Automatic Writing’.

Okay, I’m not discussing that so here’s the link if you curious about that. When I am searching on Google to know more about this thing, once again I encounter an interesting subject – Intuitive Reading. That’s what I want to talk about.

What makes me want to go deeper about this intuitive reading is it’s actually a form of observation and intuition also the empathy feeling toward the person we read. Believe or not, we all can do an intuitive reading. It’s just a matter of time and how much time you are willing to study and make an experiment with your ability.

See? I am discussing weird thing again. Yeah, the mysterious thing always manages to find their way to go back to me, even though I hate ghost and spooky feelings. XD

Here we are, back to our main question up there. “What is Intuitive Reading?” For my understanding, intuitive reading is an observation towards someone (in my case of study, it’s a photo of people), what are your feeling when you saw them and what you can see in your mind? Truthfully, it’s not easy but can be developed as you study.

I am doing this for fun and so far I have ‘reading’ 4 photos from AnnaSayce website. It’s helping me to identify what to improve. Once again, I want to say that I am doing this for fun and maybe you will say that it is a coincident or lucky guess. It’s up to you what to believe. As for me, this means no harm and I enjoy doing this. So, if I can learn new things, why not? As for the question, helping or disturbing? As for me, it is helping me to know people more. I think I will look at people frequently after this. Haha. The old me will never do that. She is the most clueless people I’ve ever met. LOL

I guess, this blog post getting longer than the previous one. That’s because I am excited. XD

Okay, then. Let’s talk about my first 4 Intuitive reading on my next blog post. Stay tuned!


Mission Complete!

Hi, Everyone~

Kina’s here. Today I want to talk a little bit about my make up ‘experiment’. Though I wonder is that called experiment or something. Haha…

To be honest, I never tried a foundation or base makeup before. This is my first time ever! Truthfully… So, maybe it’s a little bit thick or something, I don’t know because it’s a little look like I am overdoing it but it still acceptable.

Want to see what happen to my face? Here :

This is really my first attempt to wear makeup like this. For the review, I really love the foundation that I bought earlier – Essence – Stay All Day 16h long-lasting make-up. (See Beauty Haul for more information) It’s really lightweight and smoothes. I really enjoyed applying it onto my skin. It really has a soft texture that makes the wearer can easily apply it. Maybe it’s just me or something, but I also enjoy the scent. It makes me feel calm. Is it weird or normal? Let me know in the comment below… ^_^

For the compact powder, I use Essence – Mosaic compact powder (01 sunkissed beauty). The packaging is lovely. They have clear packaging and also the powder really adorable with a mosaic pattern. As I mention before, the scent also lovely which is reminded me of cookies! Hmm, yummy~

For the people who read my blog post – Beauty Haul, you will know that I’m not buying any eye shadow or blusher recently. So, what I did is I am using what I have previously that I never have a chance to use it. I got it from my niece. I’m sorry to say this but as I bought this stuff, I’m not into makeup things yet. So, I don’t really care about the brands but I think it’s called ‘Kiss Beauty’ or something similar.

It’s a purse like makeup kit that including a small mirror on the left, also a blusher, compact powder (isn’t it?) and also a lip balm. Meanwhile, on the right side is an eye shadow with multiple ranges of color. It’s about 24 colors from light to dark shade. In addition to that, I also use Silky Girl – Double Intense Duo Eye Shadow (08 Flushed Maple). It has 2 color, light and dark brown. I love this eyeshadow palette because it has natural color. Yes, just because I love natural color so much. ^_^

For the lips, I am using Maybelline New York, Vivid Matte Liquid (MAT 12). To be honest, I really worried to apply this onto my lips because I thought it will make my overall makeup look weirder. Strangely, it doesn’t and more shockingly for me, it actually looked good. I really love this Vivid matte liquid. The color is awesome! The texture is so smooth and I feel comfortable when I am wearing it. Not like certain products that will make me feel uncomfortable, this is a whole new feeling for me. Plus, it came with cute design~ I LOVE THIS!

Then, what about my second attempt to do makeup? Is it a success or failure?

Tadaaa! What do you guys think? Is it led to the right path or nay? Haha, I knew I need a LOT of practice. See you again!

P/s : I didn’t realize my eyes look very big before this. Is it good or bad?   -_-


Beauty Haul


I gonna admit that yesterday is super fabulous good day for me! Haha… At least that’s what I thought. So, the story is… I’m going little shopping for makeup. Yes, you can laugh at me because I want to laugh at myself too because all this time, I don’t really have a ‘proper’ make up kit. Not once. Haha, yeah, laugh at me….

One day (suddenly), I was watching this awesome youtube channel. Zoella youtube channel. That’s what makes me want to start my own ‘proper’ makeup instead of just putting things on my face without any thought. (Like… seriously?)

My favourite shop to buy makeup is ‘Watsons’. Yes, I’m obsessed with this. I also have VIP card! Hehe… I just bought a couple of things as a start. But, it’s okay. I will slowly add my collection later~

Oh ya, the funny thing is… I forgot to buy concealer which is most important thing for good make up (I guess). Isn’t that funny? Oh, I don’t care that much. I will try this awesome stuff right away! I guess it will take me forever to finish my makeup, so… I will make separate post about that later.

Can’t wait to see the result! Yay!

Products I use :

QVS – Pro Size Cosmetic Tool Kit (Including 5 different type of brush such as lip brush, angled eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush, foundationbrush and powder brush)

Essence – Mosaic Compact Powder (01 Sunkissed Beauty)


Contest : Confessions On An Island...


Hi, everyone! So, it’s been a while since I updated my blog. Phew~ It’s a struggle to find any topic that I love to write (or is it me just lazy? Haha… can’t even deny that XD) Anyway, today’s blog post is about a book… Novel… Yes, Kina loves books very much!

((credited to : Ayan Pal Debut Novel))

Have you ever heard about new novel that will be launch soon? I am excited. If you haven’t seen the blurb yet, please do so. Don’t worry~ I will give you the link here : Ayan Pal Debut Novel


Let me post the blurb here for the sake of the people who even bother to click any link. Haha. Don’t mad at me. Anyway, let’s read some blurb below :

((credited to : Ayan Pal Debut Novel))

That’s it! What do you think? Is it excites you too? Like what I feel? I want to get a novel now! But… yeah, they hate me. I must wait~ (Haha… Just joking….)

Good News!

Yes, it’s good news for all of book lover out there. Oh, no… Not all but Malaysian and Indian book lovers. Yup… you!

The BookCase Project in conjunction with Author Ayan Pal is holding a contest open to all residents at least 18 years old by June 1, 2016 and who have a mailing address in Malaysia or India. The contest begins on June 21, 2016 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on July 31, 2016. The results will be declared on or about August 9, 2016…

(All right… don’t sue me… I copy pasted that -_-)

You will have a chance to win One autographed hard copy of Confessions on an Island along with a gift hamper of the author’s earlier works. (OMG! I want that!)

Okay, so how to enter, you ask?

 1- “Like” the Facebook Page: Confessions on an Island.

2- Look at the cover and the blurb to try to describe the book in your own words.

3- In 100 words or less, write what you think the book is about, why you look forward to the book, and why it excites you.

4- Send your responses to  In the subject bar, write Confessions on an Island.

Every contest has a rules, read below :

1- The BookCase Project and Author Ayan Pal are not responsible for, and will not consider incomplete or incorrect entries. Multiple entries received from any person will lead to only the last entry being considered. All previous ones will be deemed void. All entries become the sole property of Author Ayan Pal and will not be returned. Parts of all entries may be used on either site to promote the novel.

2- Out of the 10 most interesting answers who fit the eligibility criterion, one winner will be chosen in a random drawing to be held one week after the conclusion of the contest. The odds of winning the novel depends on the number of eligible entries received.

3- The winner will be notified by email and has one week to respond. The winner will also be posted on Confession on an Island Facebook Page and on The Bookcase Project Facebook Page. Failure to respond shall mean that the winner forfeits the prize. At that time, another eligible winner will be chosen randomly.

4- By participating in this contest, the entrants agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless The BookCase Project and Author Ayan Pal from any liability and will allow aforementioned websites to announce his/her name as the winner of the contest as well as the winning entry.

5- Entrants waive the right to claim any damages whatsoever.

6- Any resemblance between the characters in Confessions on an Island and any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

7- The views and opinions expressed in the novel Confessions of an Island are not to be construed to reflect the views and opinions of Author Ayan Pal and The BookCase Project.

With that being said, why don’t we all book lovers participated in this contest? Maybe it’s me you will win. Who knows, right?

((Also, thank you so much to Philip Milano for PMing me regarding this contest~ You are the best! ^_^))


Take a break with Ryan Higa


So, the story is… I am having fun surfing Youtube for a while and somehow I found something that will make my day happier. What is that? Who is that?

Ryan Higa

Yes, this two Youtube channel will gave you the experience you never have before. (Hmm… it’s sounds like some advertisement… lol) Ryan Higa is the most popular and funny Vlogger I have ever seen! (Who gave this rank? Hmm.. it’s obviously me! Duhh~)

Maybe you get depressed and maybe you stress with the work, take a break and enjoy the video. I’m not saying this video will make your burden go away completely, but it’s kind of helping you a little bit. (If that’s not happen to you, then I don’t know what to say because it’s work for me ^_^)

I embed 3 video that I think is helping me. He has a LOT of video so I can’t embed all of them and you can find the video easily by watching NigaHiga and HigaTV channel. Don’t forget to subscribe! (Once again it sounds like advertisement~ XD)

This is one of my favourite? Why? Because it's so hilarious. The Korean word just something nonsense to being a song but that's the point of this music video. I am totally will watch this again.

Sweet Wholesome Gal! I love this song and love the ending twist. Must watch!

Okay… that’s all. I love to share my happiness to you all my beloved friends. So, make sure to check this out~

Oh! Ryan Higa has a website too! here >>> HigaTv

(***go back to study Korean)