Intuitive Reading – is it helping or disturbing?

by - 7/28/2016 01:25:00 PM


As I mentioned in my blog post title, do you have any idea about what is actually ‘Intuitive Reading’?

Wait… first of all, let’s see how I encounter this thing while streaming youtube channel.

In case you don’t know, I am a fan of the psychic world. Whether it’s fiction story, movies or even for what they claim to be the truth (I have novel titled Detektif Indigo wrote by Faisal Tehrani, Malaysian author. I love it and enjoy it a lot.) I loved to watch all of that. Don’t get me wrong. It’s never related to any black magic. NEVER. SERIOUSLY. In fact, I have seriously hated everything related to ghost and spooky feeling. It got worst anytime I watch ghost story. Haha, yeah. It’s funny. I’m not a brave person.

So, when I am in the middle of my curious feeling watching some related videos about the ‘Psychic Twins’, I become aware of the repetitive routine or habit that the twins develop. They always have some paper and pen and do something like circling?. That’s what I call. So, I make a research and found out that it’s called ‘Automatic Writing’.

Okay, I’m not discussing that so here’s the link if you curious about that. When I am searching on Google to know more about this thing, once again I encounter an interesting subject – Intuitive Reading. That’s what I want to talk about.

What makes me want to go deeper about this intuitive reading is it’s actually a form of observation and intuition also the empathy feeling toward the person we read. Believe or not, we all can do an intuitive reading. It’s just a matter of time and how much time you are willing to study and make an experiment with your ability.

See? I am discussing weird thing again. Yeah, the mysterious thing always manages to find their way to go back to me, even though I hate ghost and spooky feelings. XD

Here we are, back to our main question up there. “What is Intuitive Reading?” For my understanding, intuitive reading is an observation towards someone (in my case of study, it’s a photo of people), what are your feeling when you saw them and what you can see in your mind? Truthfully, it’s not easy but can be developed as you study.

I am doing this for fun and so far I have ‘reading’ 4 photos from AnnaSayce website. It’s helping me to identify what to improve. Once again, I want to say that I am doing this for fun and maybe you will say that it is a coincident or lucky guess. It’s up to you what to believe. As for me, this means no harm and I enjoy doing this. So, if I can learn new things, why not? As for the question, helping or disturbing? As for me, it is helping me to know people more. I think I will look at people frequently after this. Haha. The old me will never do that. She is the most clueless people I’ve ever met. LOL

I guess, this blog post getting longer than the previous one. That’s because I am excited. XD

Okay, then. Let’s talk about my first 4 Intuitive reading on my next blog post. Stay tuned!


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