Practising my Intuitive Reading.

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Okay. So, here’s my result of 4 intuitive reading (click here for the previous post if you wonder what actually I up to. ^_^). I think I’m getting there but need more practice. Haha. No, I’m not. Just kidding~ I’m totally a beginner!

What am I doing?

Firstly, I found this practice on AnnaSayce website and found it fun to learn. So, I just go with it. Here’s the link. She provided the picture and we need to try to read this picture. What we’ve got? Name? Feeling? What you’ve saw? Some tragic event? Madness?

Believe me, it’s hard. Oh, I forgot to tell you. You need to into your Alpha state before doing this. I don’t know… Just calming yourself I guess. As for me, Binaural Beats help me a lot. Maybe this article can help you > The Alpha State – Why Is It Essential to Psychic Development?

With that being said, here it is some of my practice ^_^ (Unfortunately, I don’t do any note about the very first one. So, I can’t tell you how it’s like. But, sure I have a feeling about what happen. I remember thinking about murder, eerie feeling, artistic and tragic death. I got it right. Uhm, just take a look at the picture below…)

The second one :

Before you read about the details about this person, I want to show you what I’ve got when doing my reading (yay! This time I make a note… :p)

This is what I wrote down :

Artistic (Maybe a painter?)
Sad but some reasons there’s happiness
Not a regular worker (white collar)
Not very clean (pardon my English but I just wrote what I feel that time, so, excuse me…)
Childhood – difficult

That’s all what I’ve got and some things just pop up in my mind, it just came naturally. Guess what? I feel excited when I knew some of my reading is true. Here're the details > Who Was the Man in the Photo? – Results of Intuitive Experiment #2.

I got it right when I said he’s having a difficult childhood. Look at the ‘Sorrow in his Past’. Yes, he’s married to a French woman named Isabelle. I just picked up wedding thing. It’s the common one. Haha. Alright, if I discuss this any longer, the post will be very LONG, let’s move to the third one. (You can compare what I’ve got and what Anna said on her blog. Feel free to compare that if you want. ;)

Third one :

This is what I wrote down :

Positive Vibe
Fine man
Nice (but I don’t like him for some reason)
Past – Scary
Higher position (appear on TV?)

Here’s what Anna said about this man. > Results of Intuitive Experiment #3. You see? Can you compare what I’ve got just by looking at the picture only without any knowledge about him at all? It’s more like hit or miss. By the way, I still like the fact that I got it right at some point. Still, I need to figure it out how to be more specific. Here’s the interesting fact, the last 2 things I guess most likely appear like a projection in my mind. I saw a village. It’s beautiful. Politic? It's just coming out of nowhere. Sometimes, it just happened. Is it weird? Haha.

Fourth one :

I think it’s not so much like the third one. I am doing this after busy cooking. Lol. What I am doing right now?. Pssttt…. But, this one I ‘kind of’ can guess the name. I think it’s the improvement. Yeah, it’s the slight miss but it close enough so I call it the success. ;)

This is what I wrote down :

I am afraid! (scary but not eerie)
Playful and have some trouble
Lisa? Anne?
Die young

You see? I think I am in the middle of the alpha state and the conscious one. It’s more miss than hit. What a pity! I need to learn more! Haha… My heart is screaming. So, here’s the detail about this girl. > Results of Intuitive Experiment #4.

Afraid. – This is more like she’s frightened me. Yes, she’s mad and that’s frightened me. Sporty? Nah! It’s a miss! The third one is interesting. It’s a feeling telling me she has something related with a factory. I saw that in my mind, a factory. Playful? I don’t know this but she does have a trouble. See how I guess the name? Not one but two. These two names appear in my head at the same time and I was like, “Lisa? Anne?” – talking with the picture. Weird feeling. Somehow I got it right because she was known as Anna Anderson. So, not far, right?. Unfortunately, all the school and sports thing most likely the miss one. I feel sad all of sudden.

So… what do you think about my practice? Please tell me if you already doing this too. I am happy to hear a word from you. Thank you!


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