Mission Complete!

by - 7/21/2016 11:07:00 PM

Hi, Everyone~

Kina’s here. Today I want to talk a little bit about my make up ‘experiment’. Though I wonder is that called experiment or something. Haha…

To be honest, I never tried a foundation or base makeup before. This is my first time ever! Truthfully… So, maybe it’s a little bit thick or something, I don’t know because it’s a little look like I am overdoing it but it still acceptable.

Want to see what happen to my face? Here :

This is really my first attempt to wear makeup like this. For the review, I really love the foundation that I bought earlier – Essence – Stay All Day 16h long-lasting make-up. (See Beauty Haul for more information) It’s really lightweight and smoothes. I really enjoyed applying it onto my skin. It really has a soft texture that makes the wearer can easily apply it. Maybe it’s just me or something, but I also enjoy the scent. It makes me feel calm. Is it weird or normal? Let me know in the comment below… ^_^

For the compact powder, I use Essence – Mosaic compact powder (01 sunkissed beauty). The packaging is lovely. They have clear packaging and also the powder really adorable with a mosaic pattern. As I mention before, the scent also lovely which is reminded me of cookies! Hmm, yummy~

For the people who read my blog post – Beauty Haul, you will know that I’m not buying any eye shadow or blusher recently. So, what I did is I am using what I have previously that I never have a chance to use it. I got it from my niece. I’m sorry to say this but as I bought this stuff, I’m not into makeup things yet. So, I don’t really care about the brands but I think it’s called ‘Kiss Beauty’ or something similar.

It’s a purse like makeup kit that including a small mirror on the left, also a blusher, compact powder (isn’t it?) and also a lip balm. Meanwhile, on the right side is an eye shadow with multiple ranges of color. It’s about 24 colors from light to dark shade. In addition to that, I also use Silky Girl – Double Intense Duo Eye Shadow (08 Flushed Maple). It has 2 color, light and dark brown. I love this eyeshadow palette because it has natural color. Yes, just because I love natural color so much. ^_^

For the lips, I am using Maybelline New York, Vivid Matte Liquid (MAT 12). To be honest, I really worried to apply this onto my lips because I thought it will make my overall makeup look weirder. Strangely, it doesn’t and more shockingly for me, it actually looked good. I really love this Vivid matte liquid. The color is awesome! The texture is so smooth and I feel comfortable when I am wearing it. Not like certain products that will make me feel uncomfortable, this is a whole new feeling for me. Plus, it came with cute design~ I LOVE THIS!

Then, what about my second attempt to do makeup? Is it a success or failure?

Tadaaa! What do you guys think? Is it led to the right path or nay? Haha, I knew I need a LOT of practice. See you again!

P/s : I didn’t realize my eyes look very big before this. Is it good or bad?   -_-


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