EXO School Set... The new way to advertise your bias to the whole school ^^

by - 11/27/2017 08:00:00 PM

It’s EXO!

Haha… what a statement!

Okay, so actually I purchased something from Korea website. It looks so cute that I can’t resist buying. Sorry wallet~ T_T

Actually, it’s so late for me to update this as I received the parcel a long time ago. But it’s better late than never, right? Haha, actually it’s also an excuse for me to show you how much I love the package.

The School Set cost KRW4000 (Approx RM15.20) and Custom Name Sticker cost KRW900 (Approx RM3.42). Domestic shipping cost KRW2600 (Approx RM9.88)

Let me show you the cuteness of our boys. WARNING! It can blind your eyes temporarily due to CUTENESS OVERLOADED. Haha…

 I love how it looks... ;)

 Yasnain-nim.. (giggle). Yeah...

 The bubble inside the envelope keeps my sticker from damage. Good~

 Yup, that's my name. I will make sure I use this wholeheartedly.

 Yup, 'for my kids'.. haha.. also 'for myself'. lol

 Love the cute and simple packaging ^_^

 HERE COME THE EXO! ***fainted***

 Omo! Why so cute. It makes me hungry!

 The whole set.


 Name sticker


 Who need Boys Over Flowers when we have EXO Over Flowers, right~ Hehe...

 Omo...Omo... Our Xiumin, Sehun, and Baekhyun...

 ***I'm Dead***

 If you look closely, this card actually a shiny one. I love the material used. Good job!

What do you think about this whole cute EXO set? As for me, I really love it. 100%. I don't think I will use it. Maybe just for display. Haha... Okay... Until next time, chingu-ya...

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