How I use Korea Package Forwarding Service

by - 11/27/2017 09:37:00 PM

A few weeks ago, I have been experimenting about how Korea Post worked. See what I buy HERE… I’ve make a research about how to buy something from Korean website that does not provide international shipping as an option. And I’ve stumble across this 2 websites of package forwarding that’s look trustful (well, at least in my opinion ;)

Before we go through these 2 websites, WHAT IS ACTUALLY A PACKAGE FORWARDING? Well, for all of my friends who don’t know what PACKAGE FORWARDING is, here’s a simple explanation for you guys that I screenshot from KorGou website.

So, These 2 website isand 

As for me, the point that I look is ‘CHEAPEST’ shipping fee possible that I can get, because EMS always hurts my wallet. T_T  I want to cry every time I picked EMS as a shipping method. RIP my wallet~

So, let’s take a look at Koreanbuddy.

1) Actually, this website is good. There’s a tab about anything you need to know. 

2) There’s a page for request a quote for the items that you want to buy. GOOD.

3) The shipping option also good. You can choose from EMS, AIRMAIL, SURFACE MAIL & REGISTERED REGULAR MAIL. The price is reasonable enough.

But… for someone as simple as me that don’t really love to send a request ticket to know how much the price the items I want to buy, or just love a practical way to do something without need to ask or do something time-consuming, I will skip this website. PASS! I don’t say it’s not good though. It’s till good for someone else :)

Then, you must know which website I pick. (Duh, it’s obvious because there is 2 website to begin with…lol)

KorGou is a very simple website with a simple layout.

1) Upon registration, I will get a Korean address to use (they also provide Korean phone no.!) This is VERY GOOD because I can purchase something from any Korean website, and then just put the Korean address there. No more request for quote. Simple.

2) When the items I buy arrived at the warehouse (Korean address I put earlier), they will update it on their website, so I know the items has arrived.

3) I choose whether I want to consolidated the items or not and put a remark what shipping option I want to use so they will know how much to charge for shipping fee.
This is how much I need to pay. KRW8410 (Approx RM32) Kind of cheap, right?

4) You can add money using Paypal and they will process your parcel right away! DONE!
Its simple isn’t it? For my personal opinion, I would recommend this website if you want to buy something in Korea that does not provide international shipping option.
Click Add Money

I am using this KorGou for the first time and quite like it. May consider using this service again in the future. FYI, the parcel was posted out on 3rd November 2017 and reach my doorstep on 16th November 2017. I am using the cheap option which is 'SMALL PACKET' but still reach me in 2 weeks. I'm impressed with the postal service. Thank you very much, Mr. Postman ^^

What do you think? It's super easy right? Okay. That’s all from me. See you later, Chingu ya~

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