A little Bit About Me

I'm just a blogger from Malaysia who loves to draw since I was in primary school. I loves reading comics and collecting cute item such as stickers, sticky note, notebooks, postcards, bookmarks, etc.

Besides that, I loves to read English novels especially when it comes to mysteries, murder, paranormal, psychic and ghost genre.

Despite from my ‘dark’ interests, I am really have another side of her that loves something cute and pastel. Whatever it is.

On 2013, I bought my first drawing tablet ‘Wacom Intuous Manga’ and started to doodling some ideas. On 2014, I had a thought “What if I do my own design and share the happiness with the other people?” and that’s the beginning of my story. Being a freelancer!

I have gathered my experience from my practice during my studies. I am a graduated from University Technology of MARA (UiTM), Malaysia in Art & Design (Textile Design).

I learned how to make Tapestry, Batik, Silkscreen Printing, Digital Design and Painting using traditional medium such as soft pastel, water color, pencil color and charcoal.

After finishing school, I works at NUSAFIRA COLLECTION as a Partner/Editor with my sisters. On 2016, I worked as Site Admin Assistant at SEB before opening my own online store until now.