[SHARING] EXO The War - KoKoBop Private Ver. (Korean Ver.)

by - 9/07/2017 10:24:00 AM

안녕~ (Hi!)

This is my first time wrote this kind of post. ^_^ Actually, I’ve received the album long time ago. Just thought to make a post about it today (because I’m kind of allergic to making a video). Haha. To be honest, I want to collect one set (3 albums) of Korean version but my wallet glared at me with a deadly aura. It’s like telling me “If you buy all 3 now, you are all DEAD!” So, here it is… one private album for my very first K-pop album collection. Yay! –throws a confetti-


There will be a lot of pictures :) Just enjoy it, okay~

-긑- (the end)

I’m so excited when I’ve got this album. There's a lot of pictures in the photobook. I just showed you my favorite picture. You know what, I already ordered EXO 4th Repackage Album – The Power of Music! It has comics theme! Which is making me literally scream (well, in my heart though). OMG! As a Kpop Lover and a Comic Lover, this is soooo PERFECT! Good Job EXO! You nailed it!

Psst... you want to buy it too? Then, the perfect place for you to go is Kpop.Go.Malaysia :) Just click the link, buddy. Happy EXO Day! I mean every day is EXO Day! Haha...


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