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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My 2018 Wish... and can it comes true?

Kina Yasnain

It's a new year!

Lol, look at the date when I hit the publish button. It's a day before February. ***sigh*** Where's my spirit go?

I really hope in this new year, I will put aside the bad/sad memory and keep on living my life to the fullest. I can't guarantee that my life will always on the bright side all day but at least I can smile even in the toughest situation. Yeay! I determined to do that. ^^

So, what actually I want to do this year? Something about fame? Stable financial? A sweetheart to hug? (lol). I can't deny that is the important thing in this year but there's more important than that that I want to do this year. A very humble, down to earth one. (I really said this? o_0)

Gain more customer
As you all know (unless you are alien that just come from outer space, just joking XD), you must know that I opened my online shop Kinayasnain Online Store back in July 2017. It's been 7 months and I get a good momentum to go higher than I am right now. This is my dream and to make that dream comes true, I need to work hard. And I will.

Me Time.

(this describe me the best! :p Kina...Kina and Kina...)

Said someone who spends her time binge-watching all Naruto episodes without even skips one episode. ***sigh***

Haha. To be honest, I get enough time for myself right now. But, it just I need to reschedule my time so I can do my work, watch anime, reading a couple of books, watching drama/tv series in effective ways. It's hard to be Kina :p

Be a Blogger!

(yup... this ^ )

I already a Blogger. Yup, I know that. But I want more quality in my blog post and also I want to post regularly. Not some 'lazy' and 'instant' blog post. I wonder if I can force myself to learn a bit more about blogging world. Oh... and also photography.

A Dream and Neat Space... All in Pastel Color.

(bookshelf goals. Credit to my favourite Youtuber/Instagrammer - Haya Is Reading)

I basically love my bedroom more than everywhere else. (lol... is it weird?) I hope this year I can put some effort to make my bedroom at least 'instagrammable' with pastel theme (mainly pale blue and soft pink). As a start, I'm pretty sure I will buy a bookshelf in February. (I'm so excited!) A new bedsheet also in the list ^^


Well, I think that all I can remember for now but surely the list will expand as the time goes by. How about my wishlist? It's pretty simple, right? I know... I know... I just that kind of people. Yeah... (Somehow this 'yeah' remind me of Deidara. o_0 Kina! Naruto makes you a total otaku. ***crying at the corner***)

Okay then. That's all I can share right now. What about you? What is your dream or your wish to do in this year? Let's comment in the comment section below and we can have a little chat ^^

Kina Yasnain / Author & Editor

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