Good Quality Kpop Photocard with Cheap Budget

by - 2/20/2018 01:14:00 PM

Have you ever dream to make your own custom photo card? Wait no more friends... I've found the seller who selling custom photocard with a cheap price!

I already ordered 70+ photocard for my store as a free gift and I can say that I really satisfied with the service! The seller has a good attitude and the delivery is as promised.

You can find the store here > Cecilia

How to order?

Firstly, one thing you must know is the minimum order quantity is 30pcs (RM0.60/pcs) and if you buy more than 50pcs, you will get RM0.50/pcs. It's cheap, right?

For the cover, the front side can be a different picture (no limit) and the back side must be the same design (refer to my picture). It's a bonus because I can customize the back side with my own identity, like 'Kinayasnain' logo. Hehe. I really like it!



1) Open the carousell app and find this username > @ceciliayl (if you don't have the app, please install)

2) Find the listings about 'customized photo card'.

3) Started the chat with the seller. (I recommend you ask for the email to send all the picture you desire. It's easier that way)

4) Confirmed the price includes postage and pay. DONE.

5) Now it's time to sit back and drink a cup of hot cocoa. LOL. But, yeah. I mean calm yourself because the pc will come to your doorstep 2 weeks later.

It's easy, right? As for me, I bought 75pcs of pc that cost me RM45 include postage to West Malaysia.

The best thing is this photocard not just limited to k-pop photo only. You also can print your OWN PHOTO into it! Or maybe your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, auntie, niece, nephew, your baby... bla... bla... bla... (Hmm, maybe next time I will do it. XD)

What do you think? Let's share your thought in the comment section below :)

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