Favorite K-Drama Lines – Descendants Of The Sun

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(from : http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/lessons/descendants-of-the-sun/)

As we all know, Descendants of the Sun / 태양의 후예(DOTS) fever are still here. I am catching the flu! :p

While I’m surfing through the internet and checking Korean Lesson website ( TalkToMeInKorean ). They have interesting topic. What is the topic? Yes! It’s about Favorite K-drama Lines from DOTS. What is KyeongEun Sonsaengnim talked about this drama? Let’s check it out!

As for me, I love this lines :

의사면 남자 친구 없겠네요바빠서.”
= If you are a doctor, I guess you don’t have a boyfriend, since you’re busy.

군인이면 여자 친구 없겠네요빡세서.”
= If you are soldier, I guess you don’t have a girlfriend, since it’s so tiring.

I don’t know why! Don’t ask me that~ *confuse over myself* It’s just because this lines give good impression for me and in the end, I kept remember this lines. It’s not my fault. Just thanks to the script writer for brilliant script. XD

Also, I am pretty sure that now everyone (mostly) wanted to learn Korean language. It’s including me too! Yes, I’m too excited to learn this language. You should check this awesome website TalkToMeInKorean. It’s a very good website for anyone to learn Korean language (Hangeul) in a fun way.


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