Enrolling in Hogwarts School... (I must be crazy~~~)

by - 2/25/2015 10:06:00 PM


First of all, what I want to say is "CRAZY!!!"

Yes, that is the first word that pop out on my mind when I register to enrolling in this 'famous' school.

For your information, Hogwarts is Here is a fanbased websites of Harry Potter fans. But, never underestimated this school.

Hogwarts is Here got all what it called 'School', (When I said all, yes, I mean it,literally............ALL)

I've just register today and on my way to write an essay for 'Astronomy' subject. For this lesson, I choose to write about Sagittarius Greek Myth
(2 more paragraph to completed it -_-)...

Don't feel surprised if I say, for all the essay/journal or 'fill in the blank' questions, you must answer in your own sentence. No copy paste allowed 
(or you will get strictly FAIL!!!)

But, don't worry...If you feel confused or don't understand what you read, you can straight ask the professor or prefects...

I must admited that the assignment will getting more and more stressful and harder.

But, I'm sure it's nothing to Harry Potter fans... (Well, I am 50% fans and 50% not...haha)

I wonder if someone have going through all of this assignment and get to move from Year 1 to Year 2...

But, surprisingly yes, there's someone that completed the assignment. So, I challenge myself to complete all the 7 subjects and move on to Year 2...

Owh, when we talk about subjects, In Year 1, there's 7 subjects that you must take in order to success...Otherwise, you will fail...Say bye bye to Year 2...haha...

That subject is :

Until this entry is published, I have take 2 subjects. Astronomy and Charms.
(Not taking the risk for being too much homework...hehe...)

What about the language?

Of course this famous Hogwarts School only using one language. ENGLISH!

But don' worry. If you are Non English Speakers (NES) or having Learning Disability (LD), just let the Professor know.
So, professor will skip about grammar things and focus on the point of your essay.

Lastly, do you interested? Have a courage to take the challenge? Are you Harry Potter die-hard fans?

If your answer is yes, well I suggest you register in Hogwarts is Here!

How to register?

Owh, easy peasy lemon squeezy...

Just sign up on Hogwarts is Here, once you sign up, you will get verification on your email.
Click through the verification link and...tadaa...you there!

Don't worry...Once you step on 'Hogwarts Gate', you will get the flow of this academic system...

Don't worry too much... 
(anything you want to ask? feel free to send me an owler - i mean, in Hogwarts, not in real ife...haha...I will help you as much as I can)

I can be your friend too...Let's studies together! ^_^

*my username is kinayasnain. Feel free to add me as your Hogwarts friend.

Have fun you all!!!


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