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Well, lately I'm not really in blogging anymore *sigh* I feel like a traitor...Haha... Still, I love this blog very much... Anyway, you can hear often from me if you follow me on IG @kinayasnain..

Now, back to my boring interesting review…

Since my brother introduce me with young sleuth, Nancy Drew and her special friend, Ned Nickerson, I couldn’t stop for searching this books more and more…

Since I was 12, [maybe younger than that? I don’t remember *slap my face* :p] I started to read investigation and murder theme stories. I don’t know why I love this type of genre, but one thing I know is that my brother made an important role in this case of mine.

The first investigation book that I’ve read is ‘Tantei Gakuen Q’ [Detective School Q] by Fumiya Sato. [Actually, it’s not really a book, because it’s a comic book.]

Second one is still a comic titled ‘Kindaichi Shonen No Jikembo’ [in Malay it’s called ‘Penyiasat Remaja Hajime Kindaichi’ and I’m not sure about the English title.]

In my opinion, both of this comics book have the same core. –Young detective, look like have a little bit lack but genius, have a murderer, great enemies and so on.

Hmm, this entry looks like I want to compare some books. Oh, sorry. I’m not intended to do that. Ok, back to the Nancy Drew Stories.

If you aware about my past blog post, you will know that before this I have talk about 3 books regarding Nancy Drew Stories. That’s my brother old books.

Recently, when I’m wandering and lost myself in bookstore on my nearest town, I’ve found that gorgeous and noticeable mystery books. To tell you the truth, I really scream inside my head. IT’S NANCY DREW!! OMG…OMG…I’VE FOUND THAT LEGENDARY BOOKS. Nancy drew!! [’s not exactly in English though because I’m a Malay ^_^]

It’s a miracle enough when my brother agreed to buy me 2 books of Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. And that is what I want to talk about.

The title of these 2 books is ‘THE CLUE IN THE CRUMBLING WALL’ and ‘THE CROOKED BANISTER’.

Ok, let me talk about THE CLUE IN THE CRUMBLING WALL first.

Author : Carolyn Keene
Publisher : Grosset & Dunlap

Synopsis :

When Nancy is asked to find a professional dancer who disappeared several years before, the young detective becomes involved in a mystery reaching far beyond a missing-person’s case.

Clues lead to a huge estate which the dancer is to inherit if she can claim it in time. During Nancy’s investigation at Heath Castle, she and her friends Bess Marvin and George Fayne realize that its crumbling wall contain a secret, but what is it? And who are their enemies that try to foil their every attempt to unravel the intricate puzzle?

Danger lurks in a castle tower and throughout the vine-tangled grounds of the estate. The girls’ gripping adventures culminate in a dramatic climax when Nancy exposes a sinister plot to defraud the dancer of her inheritance.

My Special Review :

1. Nancy once again met with another obstacle. That is a Nancy’s specialty. For me, I  love all Nancy’s journey. In this case, from River Height to Heath Castle.

2. I like how the author added the ‘special friend’, Ned Nickerson character into this story. Not much but still have an important role to help Nancy discover the truth. Despite of Nancy’s busy schedule to investigate the mystery, she still has a loving moment with her special friend. – Aw, so sweet~~~

3. The idea about Cinderella shoes print is a great idea.

4. Oh yes, I forgot about ‘Salty’ character. Salty is an old friend of Nancy. He is a former sailor. I interested with his slang. –Maybe because I’m not a native speaker of English, so it is a little bit difficult for me to read. [Difficult? Haha…It’s sound like I’m a beginner…Maybe?]

5. Overall, Nice book [1000x]… - [See? That’s how I evaluate what I read. With a number!Haha…]


Sometimes, I thought I have too much book to read. There have more and more books out there waiting for me.

But, like the other says ‘There’s no TOO MUCH BOOKS, Just DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE AND TIME TO SPEND.’

I agree with this statement…After all, I AM A BOOKS LOVER. Especially Detective and murderer one… ^_^

Allright! Till next review…

See you guys again later!


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