#3 Clip Studio Paint Illustration Contest...

by - 4/22/2015 08:46:00 PM

Peace Be Upon You.


Sometimes, when I have a mood I will draw something that will inspire me.
Maybe a bear? Ice cream? Or Cherry Blossom a.k.a Sakura Flower?
All of that can be my ideas to make some new and kawaii [cute] design.
[Haha. Not so cute. Just in my mind. Forget it~~]

Recently, I have participated in #3 Clip Studio Paint Illustration Contest.
The theme is ‘Magnifying Sakura’.

When I saw the theme, I imagine some falling petals. Very pink and loving aura.
The model is of course a girl. Cute girl with a bright smile.
So, when I visualize the ideas, it came out like this :

Name : Girl In Pink

Description :

The dress is made from sakura petals sewn together. The model lies on the ground that full of falling sakura.

What do you think? Can I win even for 10th place?
Well, so many talented artists more than me out there. So, I don’t put any hope with this illustration. But still I want to win. Who doesn’t, right? Hehe…
Hmm, can you guys my lovely friends vote for me?

Just click like button and it’s done! Really simple and easy. ^_^

Click here to vote for me….Thank you so much. *Hugs*

Lastly, hmm…..ok, see you next blog post..Hehehe…


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