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Seperti yang kita ketahui, seni adalah satu platform untuk mengekspresikan diri. Terlalu banyak cabang seni yang berada di sekeliling kita.

Salah satu seni yang paling Kina suka ialah seni lukis tradisional (seperti menggunakan acrylic, pencil color, watercolor dan lain-lain lagi.

Yang terbaru ialah Seni Lukisan Digital. Ianya lebih moden dan hanya menggunakan laptop @ pc, drawing tablet dan software yang sesuai, anda boleh mula menguji dan explore bakat yang ada.

Salah seorang artis yang terkenal dengan SUGAR SWEET ART iaitu Miss Kika atau nama sebenarnya, LIZ LORINI menarik perhatian Kina.

Dengan hasil karyanya yang berwarna warni serta comel telah berjaya mengambil hati ramai orang.

(Ok, Kina mengaku, memang cute sangat karya ‘akak’ Miss Kika ni… muahaha…’akak’ ok! ^_^)

Tanpa berlengah lagi, jom kita tengok sikit antara karya yang dihasilkan oleh pelukis berbakat Miss Kika :

Seterusnya ialah interview bersama Miss Kika (bukan interview secara langsung, tetapi boleh didapati di dalam blog miliknya)


Where did you go to school?

I went to Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida for a 4 year BFA in Illustration and graduated class of 2006.  I enjoyed my experience at Ringling very much, and feel it was a wonderful school to help teach me how to work as a professional Illustrator.  Aside from my core illustration classes, I also took classes in Children’s book illustration, Digital Illustration, and Asian art history.

What made you want to study art/illustration?

As long as I can remember I have always loved drawing and art, I even held on to old toy packaging sometimes if it had a pretty illustration on it.  Thanks to my mother I was always very involved in crafts and art clubs growing up, but I never realized just how much I enjoyed it till I hit high school.  I decided to study in Japan (Nagoya) my 11th year of school and that’s when I started seeing modern fashion illustration on packaging a lot!  It was pretty and cute, but for adults on things like makeup and hair products…everything over there almost always had an illustration on it (over here it seems like only children’s products have art on the packaging) and I felt very inspired.  I began drawing a whole lot, and eventually it was all I wanted to do with my spare time.  When I came back to the USA I decided I wanted to study further and enrolled at Ringling to try and make a career out of what I loved doing.

What medium do you work in? How long have you used Vector?

I work mainly in Adobe illustrator with a wacom tablet. For non digital mediums I prefer acrylic paint and silk screen, anything that will give me nice clean and crisp lines!

I started coloring my work digitally at around the age of 13 on Adobe 5.5 with a fossil tablet that I begged my parents to buy haha!  I pretty much stayed on that software until I left for college, mainly I would scan in inked art and color it with overlay~ trying to learn new styles and techniques to work in over the years.  I did not even know what vector/adobe illustrator was until my digital illustration course at RSAD during my 3rd semester!  That particular illustration class requires you to work in all the major softwares at least once… photoshop, painter, illustrator, etc so you get a feeling for each.

It was after the first assignment that I fell in love with the software capabilities because sharp and clean lines/color was always something I spent hours trying to achieve in Photoshop.  All the examples and results I came up with seemed very “clip-art-ish” and not very pretty…. actually thinking back I don’t remember very many artists that even used it in an inspiring way (vs now, so many amazing vector artists) so for the next 4 years I developed my skills on the software and also discover my own drawing style.  I still learn new things and my style evolves even now, but I think honestly it took me about 4 years of experimenting before I found my own voice visually and really started to click with vector and tell IT what to do vs just try and make it work somehow.  Its all about pushing forward and trying new things while dropping others that don’t work for you!

What do you do for a living?

Since I finished college in 2006  I have been a full-time freelance illustrator out of a home office. At times (on and off) I will do gallery shows, private commissions, sell prints or merch of my art, and freelance~  sometimes one of those is the focus more than the other, it seems to change every year as my life does.  In 2010 I spent the year working at Zynga Games in San Fransisco as a full-time contract illustrator, and in 2011 I have re-located to Seoul, South Korea to focus on my gallery career and products.

How long does it take you to finish something?

Depends on the medium and if I’m “feeling” the piece or not. Generally I work on a digital piece from 2-7 days and acrylic paintings 7-14 days… this varies of course, but that’s the general idea!

How do you get into Gallery shows?

Nothing happens unless you ask, its just like any other job~ you have to apply/submit a portfolio.  If you are amazing its a lot easier though, sometimes they will find you.  If galleries are not replying you may be aiming for the wrong types of locations, or may have the wrong “look” for them.  Don’t forget, they are not just hanging up you because you are pretty, they are often a business and  your art is an item in their store~ they make money if your item sells and they only have XXX amount of space for artwork to do this.

What is your style?

I like to think of my style as a weird mix of fashion illustration,1980’s girls cartoons, Japanese shojo comics & pop.  I just kind of draw what I like jumbled into one giant cluster….usually of pink haha.

What inspires you and gets you working?

Images, I have a whole folder of random photos of art, candy, patterns, clothing, flowers, you name it!  I like just flipping through my folder or my art books/magazines and getting inspired. Once I get started on a piece I will usually pick out a song and work to it, so the art comes first and the tunes come next to keep me going….I think that’s the opposite of what most people do….hehe.  I also love watching animation or movies on my pink tv while I work…most people must think a little girl lives in this room!

Who is your favorite artist?

My favroite artist’s are Yumiko Kayukawa, BIBI, Fawn Earth Gehweiler, and Takahashi Makoto.

Where does the name “Miss Kika” come from?

When I started doing gallery work I wanted to make a painting alias because its easy for people to remember and kind of fun!  When I went to Japan to study and fell in love with art again, my dear pet cat Kika who had been in my family since I was born passed away before I came home,  so I decided to use her name when I began working on my own.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out in art/illustration?

Keep doing what you love and always look for a way to make a project fun and “you”.  Working as a freelance illustrator take a bit of time and lots of work to get started, so having support from your loved ones helps so much. I think many of my fellow freelance artist friends will agree that 90% of the time you will not make money right away, so be prepared for that.  Its like rolling a snowball, the bigger it gets the easier it is to build upon… does that makes sense?! haha You have to stick with it.


Tidak disangkal lagi, Miss Kika mempunyai bakat untuk memanipulasikan benda di sekelilingnya. Dia boleh menggunakan apa sahaja subjek yang dirasakannya comel seperti gula-gula, makaron, tidak terkecuali juga haiwan peliharaan seperti kucing turut menjadi subjek utama dalam pembikinan karyanya.

Jika korang semua ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang Miss Kika, bolehlah follow Miss Kika di Instagram, Facebook miliknya…

Akhir sekali, semoga dunia seni terus maju dan semoga lebih ramai yang tahu menghargai dan menghayati seni.

Go…go….go….. Miss Kika ^_^


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