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So, this is my first blog post for March. It’s look like I’m quite lazy to update my blog. *flipped the table* Teeheehee~

Well, if you’re not noticing something. I’m changing the language! Muahaha… I don’t know. Maybe because the urge to fix my mistake in English make me do that (though I’m still lacking here and there, you can comment below if you caught me wrote a shameful grammar mistakes~ Hehe…).

As everyone know (or maybe not?), I love doing something that the people around me didn’t do it (at least that's what I know.)

For this (already lost count) time, I fall in love in Hogwarts. Eh? Wait a minute. I already make a post about Hogwarts! Okay, I do and I know that. But, this one is different. For last time, I talked about HiH (Hogwarts Is Here) site. Today, I will talk about HSO (Hogwarts School Online) site.

If HiH is all about learned all the subjects (literally), HSO is more fun RPG site. I love this website so much (that’s not mean I hate HiH. No… Nope… ). ^_^

(Plus, this site is so neat that make me want to look at it again and again. XD) Easy to navigate and strange enough for first timer (like me), I know where I should go. All the writer is friendly and make you comfortable like you chat with your long lost friend (as far as I know).

Now, I have just one character – Nana. Nana is a kind 1st year Ravenclaw student. She like to obey the rules ( yup, she’s a boring person~ but sometime she just go with the flow. Having a food fight is her first ‘crime’… LOL ) Anyway, she already has a friend and doing well. She’s a Book Club member, Graphic Club Member (she’s even proud with her badge), Writing Club member, Polyvore Club member… (what else? Hmm…) Oh, and there’s Coding Club (not really active because she’s a newbie).

Nana Weisman > Faceclaim = Zoey Deutch

What I want to say is – Real life is not like you imagined and you are forced to live on it? Don’t worry, go wash yourself, opened your laptop/pc or whatever you use to surf internet and join us at HSO – a super friendly place and forget about your real life (at least for a while). *Nana nodded her head. I think she agree about that.* :p

Click Below To Experience New Things

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry

((Oh, Nana said that there’s a new Professor for Herbology and Charms class. She’s really excited about that but it seems Herbology will be tough subject for her. Though she tend to be a good student every time she entered the class… And… it’s a surprise! – They have Spring Festival (Bloomin’ Buttercups happening now~ Go check yourself, friends…))

Spring is Arrived~

A good student? Why Nana is so boring? *Writer shakes her body like she have been possess. Muahaha…*

Okay, I think that’s all. (Don’t want to be a freak. LOL.) – and I really think my post today is a boring one but I still want to post it~ *looked away and hit publish* XD

See you again, buddies…

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