Descendants Of The Sun

by - 4/26/2016 10:26:00 AM


Recently I am so interested into graphics, fashion, kdrama and ropleplay world. I don’t know what happen to me though. :p

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Yesterday, I just finished watching DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN, a popular kdrama right now. Why I even bother to download this 19 episodes drama (plus special episodes)? That’s because I have heard a LOT of compliment that say this drama is awesome. So, my curiosity is up to the level that I think I must watch it no matter what. So, I downloaded it.

It’s true! The story is great. I even wonder how the script writer can make this drama so wonderful. Salute to the writer. ^_^ The emotion is real. Song Jong Ki really a good actor. I can feel it with my heart. (Aww, so cheesy! Forget it. :p)

So, here’s the funny story. I almost believe that Urk is a real country. Silly me. :p That’s before I read an article somewhere that Urk is a fictional country and they filming at Greece. I amazed with the props they have build. The scene when they have an earthquake is really like a blockbuster movies.

I love this kind of drama. More please~ :p

Interesting? You can watch all the episodes here : 

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 -There are one more things that I pay attention for, the fashion. Yes, the fashion style is simple but nice and I think I will make another post about that. Please wait~ ^_^


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