Descendants of the Sun Fashion

by - 4/27/2016 09:00:00 AM


I promised to all of you that I will talk about Descendants of the Sun fashion. So, here it is. Actually my fashion sense is not so good. Haha. But I really love Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) style in this drama. It’s pretty, simple and … I don’t know… It’s just made me want to buy all of them. :p

I’ve found this awesome blog named K-Style Files (All the picture here are from their blog. Thanks~)

You see? White dress with black stripes~ It’s just cute.

Light pink blouse from stylenanda. Simple but that’s exactly like what I want. Don’t forget, less is more!

Patterned blouse? What do you think?

This one! Yes! I definitely will buy this. :p

Plus! J.ESTINA Luce Hélio Necklace. Oh, I know now I sound like fangirling over something but it not my fault~ XD

This necklace is too cute to resist.

Want to see more? Visit K-Style Files…

Overall, I really think I will buy all of the items above. Oh no, my wallet will cry _


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