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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's Korean food!

Kina Yasnain
Hello, my friends!

So, this afternoon I’ve browsing through my pictures on my laptop and I found some forgotten-to-upload photos! Why I forgot this? Oh, I don’t know. So, I will upload this anyway because I just want to share it. Plus, I just lazy doing things nowadays and there’s not much activity to update. See? I am THAT lazy~


 What? I just do it… LOL

So, on May 2016, I am going to a job carnival at Bandar Penawar, Johor. Wait! I’m not going to share about what I am doing there but just a new experience I got by buying 2 types of Korean food. Yes, people always knew that Kina is a Korean lover. I just love all about Korea. (I guess… -_-)

I’ve bought Meatballs and the famous Korean food – Tteokbokki! Honestly, this is my first time to taste this Korean food and the result is kind of different from what I thought. Yeah, suddenly I remembered something, I am Malaysian! Haha… That’s out of topic. (I love Nasi Lemak though)


At first, I have tasted Meatballs and its okay. It tasted like what meatball will taste like. (Is my sentence even right?) But, one thing I love for sure is the mashed potato! The combination of soft mashed potato and black pepper sauce is great!


Second, it’s Tteokbokki time! Yes, finally I will eat this famous Korean dish! Haha, yeah… Sometimes I can be a little bit look like fans. I am fan…. and a lamp! (if you get what I mean ;)

Well, it’s surprisingly…. Tasted like fried rice but with a sauce. That’s what I think it tasted like. Really. Maybe it’s just me or the place that I bought it not cooked it the way it should taste. I don’t know. I will taste it next time I go to any Korean restaurant. Yeah, let’s do that.

(open it) ...

 (eat it).... hahaha... ;)


Kina Yasnain / Author & Editor

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