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Monday, May 9, 2016

My style of holiday, visited Zoo Johor.

Kina Yasnain

Last week (30th April), I am going to the zoo with my beloved sister and her family. At first, I don’t know that my sister planned to go to the zoo. I totally have no idea! We are going to the bookstore and then… I saw the zoo. ‘We are going to the zoo?’ that’s what my mind kept asking. Turned out that’s true.

That’s why for the rest of the picture in this post, you will see I am wearing jubah. Hey, at least it’s big and comfortable enough to make me kept walking. I am comfortable. ^_^ (pssttt : the jubah is one of a kind. You can’t find it anywhere. Only I have it. Because… I sewed it on my own. Haha >_< )

Back to the story. That day is perfect to family bringing their children visited the nature (yeah, at least going to zoo.) Why I said perfect? Because after that day is the Labour Day. It’s a holiday! Yes! It’s perfect.

Going to KFC first before we burned the calories! Look! Adam Aiman in the house!

There I am~ Wearing the comfortable jubah. XD I’m with my nieces – Insyirah and Afiqah.

Adam Aiman and the bear~ He’s always be the center of attention. What can I do~ Good looking boy always get the attention. :p

Hello… Mr. Lembu Bali~ Is it delicious?

The tiger is sleeping.

There he is… got the attention again. This time with Seladang. Can’t help it, I really want to cuddle him. Cute Adam Aiman!

Again? Oh yeah, again! Cute models with his deer. *Deer : Hello, boy.*
Also in this picture : My Brother in law a.k.a my sister husband. (Eh? Isn't it same? lol)

Ah-ha… This is me. Alone. I really love the view. It’s look like so peaceful.

And then…. The duo appear~

Afiqah : Hello Mr. Deer.

The only selfie I have with my sister that day. It’s better than not having one. I love hanging out with my sibling. ^_^

Lastly, they are going to ride a Pedal Boat. (I am the camera-girl. Of course.)

While I’m having fun took the pictures. I saw little children (Chinese), already want to go back home. So, I took the picture. Just for fun…


Bye-bye Zoo Johor. See you again next time~

So… This is my kind of (short) holiday. What about you? I am sure you have more excitement than me. Yeay! Whenever we go, the real holiday is when we having fun. No matter where we go. It’s the real holiday.

*Visit the link to know more about Zoo Johor.*


Kina Yasnain / Author & Editor

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